Tālava cider factory is located in Gulbene, in the historical farm building of Vecgulbene manor. A manor complex, a hotel, a restaurant and a park have been established next to the factory.

We will be happy to welcome you individually or in groups (up to 60 persons) for excursions and tastings sessions. We'll tell and show what cider is and how it is made, what equipment ensures the production process from an apple orchard to the bottle, and how do we ferment and mature the drinks. On the other part of the visit let's taste our ciders and other drinks, and have some snack along with them!

Price per tour - 8 EUR/person or minimum 50 EUR. For groups of more than 15 people attendance is free for drivers and group leaders (guides).

Apply with ease for a planned visit using the calendar below - by selecting the date and available time, filling in the necessary information! Your reservation will be confirmed automatically.



The initiative for the creation of the Sidra Ceļš / Cider Route in Latvia was developed by “Lauku ceļotājs, the Latvian Rural Tourism Association'', and by the enthusiastic cider makers, who have come together in a joint project to create and promote cider as a new tourism product of national identity. The Cider Route will allow you to understand the specifics of Latvian cider, introduce you to culinary traditions and cultural heritage in different regions. Learn more here.

The special brochure combines a travel map and cider stories, inviting visitors to learn more about cider making, traditions, styles and tastings not only at us, Tālavas Sidrs cidery, but also with partners and other cider throughout Latvia - LLTA "Lauku ceļotājs ", SIA" Turkalnes muižas klēts ", SIA" Bauņu sēta ", SIA" Jumpravas sidrs ", SIA" Abavas dārzi ", SIA" URTICA ".


In the brochure you will not only get to know the stories of cider makers, learn about the tours and the drinks they create, but you will also be able to use an easy-to-read map to start your journey into the world of Latvian cider!


You will find a brochure and a travel map here.

Image by Nathan Hulsey

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Piesaistot 2014.-2020. gada plānošanas periodā pieejamo Eiropas lauksaimniecības fonda lauku attīstībai (ELFLA) finansējumu, kā arī ar LEADER projektu pieejas īstenošanu, uzņēmums programmu ietvaros ir uzsācis un veiksmīgi ieviesis vairākus projektus. Plašāka informācija pieejama šeit