Tālava creates natural apple cider - component of an exciting and modern lifestyle.

Combining traditional cider fermentation methods, modern technologies and understanding of Latvian and world flavors, we strive for excellent quality and are not afraid to innovate.


Cider and drinks are made from several varieties of Latvian apples, where distinctly seasonal Northern climate forms unique apple character and gives a fresh and crispy notes.

We are Tālava - where the traditions, quality and the courage to innovate meet.


Cider makers and owners grew up here in Gulbene (historically Talava) and in year 2014 in parents' garage decided to create a cidery to produce authentic and high-quality drinks made from local fruits - specially selected and hand-picked apples, showing how diverse Latvian apples can be, but cider - enjoyable both everyday and on holidays!


We are passionate about creating the highest quality natural drinks for a modern and exciting lifestyle, based on a professional approach, refined mastery and the latest achievements in the industry. Authentic and understandable tastes, innovative products and modern packaging guide us to discover new cider flavors.


We love adventures and the joy of rediscovery in drinks, food, culture and hobbies, so we reflect our daily dynamics in drinks we create - making it as part of an active lifestyle! A new experience never seen before is the choice of our generation.


We are passionate about excellent quality and we like to keep pace with world trends - we are the first in Latvia to start filling cider in 0.33L glass bottles, created apple cider with different flavors, introduced Latvian craft cider shelves with tropical flavors and more! And we have just presented the first craft cider in Latvia, filled in an aluminum can - in a sustainable, innovative and taste-protective package! We challenge the routines of things and indulge in adventures of cider taste!


TĀLAVA also actively organizes excursions and tastings at the factory to popularize the development of the world's fast-growing craft cider culture in Latvia, and to educate everyone about what is real, natural cider and how it is made!



Medalla SISGA Oru-Talavas
Medalla SISGA plata - Talavas
Medalla SISGA Bronce - Talavas
baltic cider award