Fancy what if TĀLAVA's crafted drink is blessed by the creative touch of renowned city bartenders?

A unique blend of cold-pressed juice from fall's best apples with a touch of apple brandy, quince, honey, peppermint and select spices is born!

TĀLAVA goes beyoned the borders of traditional Nordic mulled ciders to recreate the sophisticated flavours from the vibrant urban cocktail scene.

TASTE & AROMA : natural apple juice color, the taste shades - autumn apples and notes of quince. Once  filled in glasses, it smells of warming peppermint,  spices and sweet quince. Cozy holiday atmosphere is guaranteed!

Enjoy it in the evenings at home, add to gifts or take it with you in a thermos for winter hiking!

We recommend enjoying heated to 50-70 ° C. No need to add extra spices!

0.75L | Alc. 10% vol.

Fermented apple juice, TĀLAVA apple distillate, quince juice, peppermint, honey, winter spices