Premium cider, made of carefully selected apple varieties harvested in the fall and fermented for 10 months.

Cider bottle is wrapped in white, recycled paper, produced in Līgatne paper factory, with changeable ribbon. A great addition to holidays, toasts and celebration moments!

Gold medalist of prestigious Cider World Franfurt 2021!

TASTE & AROMA : balanced natural sweetness, acidity, and tannic quality of apples to give this golden dry cider character and deliciously crisp, refreshing flavors.

Choice of classic cider lovers and a little bit of cider snobs.

We recommend enjoying chilled at a temperature of 8-10 ° C.

Semi-dry | 0.75L | Alc. 6% vol.

Fermented apple juice, sulphites


Available: Maxima XX and Maxima XXX, Spirits & Wine, Stockmann, Valmiermuižas Alus stores, Sky & More, etc.