The first craft cider filled in an aluminium can in Latvia!

Packaging that is almost endlessly recyclable, easy to carry and great for preserving the taste of the drink.  Find out more here!

What is the treasured fruit of the Nordics rich in sunlit energy, intense aroma and vitamins? We dare to reveal this best-kept secret – quince. We enriched the sparkling and crisp Latvian apple cider with a natural quince juice to craft the blast of two exciting and fresh aromas. 

TASTE & AROMA : golden, light, sparkling – just like the quinces themselves! The taste of fresh apples, florals and quince acidity, combined in a balanced and pleasant palette of flavors.

Perfect for your gourmet evenings with plate of oysters.


Chill it at a temperature of 8-10°C.

Sweet | 0.44L | Alc. 5% vol.

Apple juice, quince juice, sulphites