The first craft cider filled in an aluminium can in Latvia!

Packaging that is almost endlessly recyclable, easy to carry and great for preserving the taste of the drink.  Find out more here!

Let’s break the rules and boundaries between the cider and beer worlds! We brewed Latvian apple cider for nine months, adding select hops right before bottling it. The result is the intriguing taste of our hopped cider that will make both cider connoisseurs and avid beer lovers awestruck. 

TASTE & AROMA : beautifully golden apple cider with a lush aroma of refreshing hops and light feel of citrus and tropical fruits.

Cider will be appealing to those who love fresh and summery flavors, and that rewarding feeling of new discoveries!

Chill it at a temperature of 8-10°C.

Medium sweet | 0.44L | Alc. 5% vol.

Apple juice, IPA hops, sulphites